The Program

Some Choice Oaks bless the entrance of the property

Oregon White Oak Restoration Project

Kahnaway (which means acorn in Chinook) is committed to the restoration and preservation of the property, which consistent with the region is blessed with a stand of the majestic Oregon White Oak (Quercus Garryana), an endangered tree. We are committed to restoring and expanding this precious stand of trees, which provides the ecosystem necessary for a number of declining or endangered oak-obligate species. Kahnaway is actively working to propagate acorns and seedlings for use on the current property as well as other private and public restoration projects and has been controlling invasive weeds in order to protect saplings for the last six years. Our long-term goals are to create a land reserve for the oaks and to create a resource center that will work with local educational entities to encourage research and information dissemination concerning the rare species that inhabit the oaks.

In 2009, Nell and Greg, managers of Kahnaway, received A WHIP grant through Natural Resources Conservation Services and with NRCS' knowledgeable staff have developed a comprehensive management plan that maps and tracks our restoration progress. The plan includes propagating oaks and controlling invasive weeds organically. We currently have 60 of the 100 trees we need to plant as committed to by our 2 year conservation agreement, and have cleared the competing invasives and caged a good half of the fifty existing saplings committed to.