The Program

"You can’t separate the sense of place that is so essential for artists’ communities from a commitment to the physical space. There is an increased consciousness of place at an artists’ community, and that importance of place means that honoring the space is not really separate from the mission.” – Randall Koch, Former Executive Director of the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology

Our Mission: The mission of Kahnaway Art & Ecology is to provide a “place” that encourages artists and community members to grow personally, intellectually, and artistically. Located in the Columbia River Gorge, Kahnaway offers residencies, workshops, and other educational experiences that foster the relationships between art, humanity, and the natural world. The Scenic Gorge acts as the “place” that is essential to cultivating such relationships and to spurring creativity and innovation between art and ecology. The scenery is inspiring, and direct experience of the landscape is the cornerstone of appreciation and stewardship for the continued sustainability of the Scenic Gorge. Kahnaway is committed to protecting and enhancing the land while providing the educational facilities that work in harmony with and encourage the environmental and economic sustainability of the Gorge.

What we do: Kahnaway is a non-profit educational entity that serves people of all ages and varied interests throughout the year, providing simple living and small communities in an environment that is grounded in the landscape. Because of its dedication to the preservation of the Scenic Gorge, Kahnaway is committed to maintaining an ecologically-sustainable facility while preserving the integrity and aesthetic of the land. Kahnaway therefore provides for three resident artists at a given time to live in individual yurts that blend into the hillside and mirror the shapes and contours of the natural land formations. In addition, the existing barn houses the art studios, and the learning gardens weave themselves effortlessly and elegantly through the property. In every aspect, Kahnaway honors the space in an effort both to fuel artists’ creativity and protect the natural environment.