The Program

Kitchen and Library for the use of the residents

Residency Program

Residents will be chosen by a jury and awarded a space on the property for the length of the residency. There are facilities in the barn to provide for three different types of artists to each have their own studio for the length of their stay, namely a painter, a print maker and a ceramicist or woodworker. We hope that this variety of artists will encourage a cross-disciplinary dialogue but if time to oneself is the goal that will certainly be respected. The three art forms mentioned are what the barn and studios are essentially laid out for but we are amenable to which ever medium you wish to work in, we just may not have as much equipment or as many tools as we have for the aforementioned. There is also a low profile music studio which can be used for collaborations or as a personal studio by special request.

There will be opportunities for the recipient to give back to the land on which they're staying and to enhance the beauty of their surroundings. We hope that, as it has happened for us, artists will be inspired by their surroundings and want to nurture the plant and wildlife the way it, in turn, nurtures our human spirit. Gardening, permaculture, forestry and landscaping are all ongoing here and we're thrilled to guide you while you get your own hands in the dirt!

It is our hope that residents will want to give back to the communities in and around the Columbia River Gorge. Its aesthetics, air, land, and water are some of the primary inspirations while producing work here and depend in no small way on the local people. To encourage, inspire, teach and collaborate with these locals is a driving force behind Kahnaway and we'll ask our residents to provide at least one workshop or lecture to the public during their stay here.